Machine Depliant (pdf)...

The structure of this machine is very sturdy in order to ensure maximum stiffness also underheavy working stress. The uprights are an enbloc casting which is adeguately ribbed. All rotating parts are running in ball bearings and consequently the opening and closing operation do not require much effort. The tilting table is perfectly balanced with a parallel-type counter-weight and runs on self- lubricating bushings. The bed can be moved vertically by means of the same flywheel. Drive of the head only is effected by a worm-gear motor unit. The clamping pressure is regulated by a multidisk safety clutch. The machine is provided with a pedal operated device, having low-voltage electric.

Standard equipment: 1 45° blade -1 rear support - set of spanners.

Extra accessories: graduated angular stop - adjustable back gauge with handle.