Machine Depliant (pdf)...

Of very sturdy construction, these machines are used for most different bending operations, both for right-angle and round-angle bending. They are used for building steel-section furniture, for producing section iron and for containers, etc. All parts of the machine, which are subject to stress, are adeguately ribbed and strengthened. The machine bed can be moved vertically by means of the flywheel. Travel of the headstock, which runs on wide guideways, is very easy due to a wormscrew unit. The slewing table is balanced in an optimum manner by means of a parallel-type counter-weight, it runs on self-lubricating bushings and the bending angle can be fixed by a lockring. Drive of the headstock only is obtained by a geartype variable speed drive. The clamping pressure is regulated by a disk-type safety joint. Handling of the machine is effected by a foot-pedal appliance which controls the low voltage electric equipment.

The 2550 mm model of Bending machine is provided with two lever-type counter-weights.

Standard equipment: 1 45° blade - 1 rear support - set of spanners. Extra accessories: adjustable back gauge with handle - graduated angle stop.