289 MOT

Machine Depliant (pdf)...

These machines are of very sturdy construction, suited for all bending operations. The vertical stroke is carried out by bevel gears and trapezoidal drive screw. The slewing table is balanced by an adjustable counterweight in order to make operation very easy. A special lockring allows fixing of the desired bending angle. The outer end of the base is provided wiyh two cross recesses for the rims which have already been bended. The motor-drive of the head only is obtained by a geartype variable speed drive. The clamping pressure is regulated by a disk-type safety joint. The machine is provided with a pedal operated device, having low-voltage electric.

Standard equipment: 1 45° blade -1 2,5 mm radius blade -1 rear gauge - set of spanners.

Extra accessories: comb-type adjusting gauge.