288 S

Machine Depliant (pdf)...

This Bending machine has been designed on the basis of the machine art. 288 and is provided with a clamping device blades made up of single sections. The single sections, which are multiples of 25 mm, are fitted to the upper bar. After having assembled all single sections, the machine is ready to work as a bending press. Sliding and clamping of the single sections in longitudinal direction is very easy and simple by means of a quick and reliable device. Due to their multiple use and its elevated output, this is an ideal machine for manufacturing box-type-stiffened workpieces. The thickness of the steel-sheets must be determined according to the bending length.

Standard equipment: set of spanners.

Extra accessories: 1 rear gauge - single 45° blade (minimum 24 mm height) length 1020 mm.